Paola (Saez) Theunissen

General Director & Founder
( MA Social Psychology )

South Africa is a land which embraces so many different cultures and styles which allows us to be enriched by its varieties of life approaches. As an Organisation, we have touched into this diversity as a resource to draw out the best that each culture and style has to offer.

By asking the question: “Who is South Africa?”, it allows people to move from passivity to pro-activity by declaring “I am South Africa!”. We help each individual inserted in a community to acquire the necessary tools to become an “Agent of Change”.

Paola (Saez) Theunissen, is a Chilean citizen by birth and has over 28 years of experience in helping people embrace their God-given potential throughout 22+ countries, together with her 3 children. She holds a Masters Degree in Social Psychology and is affiliated to the Euro-American Association of Professionals of Social & Human Sciences.

She believes that you can use all that life has allowed you to go through, even hurt, for good and turn it into improving yourself and help others to do the same.

Skillful Hands was founded with the purpose of involving and creating positive change in the lives of people. Empowering, educating, assisting and caring for those they work with and touching their lives on a real personal level that has wholesome long-lasting effects.

Our slogan is: “Nurturing the nation back to its dignity”.