Consultant in Intra-family Violence

Our Graduates will be able to perform effectively in the assistance and preventative in the challenging issues involved in Domestic Violence (child abuse, sexual abuse, conjugal violence and mistreatment of elderly people). Through supporting the families immersed in these situations in order to prevent these problems escalating into irreversible damage, assisting in related measures (prevention, safe shelter and monitoring.


– Teach the conceptual foundation that allows the correct analysis of the problem of domestic violence and the correct approach.
– Provide tools to assist in professional intervention in families with violent ties, allowing the containment and reduction of factors that put lives at risk.
– Provide a space analysis of the situation that allows the development of community prevention plans that reduce these occurrences.

Some topics to be learnt are:

1. Prevention, detection and evolution of abuse.
2. Profile of the Consultant, the victim and victimizer.
3. Sexual identity, gender ideology.
4. Legal frame.
5. Etc.


Duration: 6 months + 6 additional months if desire to join with Consultant in prevention in intra-family violence.

Frequency: once a month.