Consultant in Childhood & Adolescence

Course introducing the specialization of treating children and adolescent youths within many contexts such as schools, care-homes and other facilities, equipping students with the knowledge required to deal with these individuals throughout the various stages of their development.

Aimed at:

Every person who works with children and adolescents in a diversity of fields, such as
schools, homes, feeding schemes, churches, NPOs, among others.

Some topics to be learnt are:

1. Developmental Psychology.
2. Group Dynamics.
3. Early detection and approach of sexual abuse and violence, bullying, teenage pregnancy, types of addictions, sexual identity.
4. Emotional Education in the child and adolescent.
5. Promotion and protection of the child and adolescent.
6. Didactic, play and drama therapy.


Duration: 10 months.
Frequency: once a month.