Socio – therapeutic Consultant in Addictions (for the primary approach to addictions)

Introduction to addictions and their relation to mental health and stability.  This course serves to introduce students to assisting patients with addictions, providing support structures and tools required to provide effective and wholesome treatment.

Aimed at:
Professionals in the Psychological Area, Therapeutic Aids, Social & Community Consultants, Group Coordinators/Mentors and whoever wants to be trained in the primary assistance and prevention of addictions.

Some topics to be learnt are:

1. Anthropological Vision.
2. Different Theories.
3. Biological, psychological and social aspects.
4. Systemic principles.
5. Stages of change.
6. Addictive link.
7. Relapses.
8. Etc.


Duration: 10 months.
Frequency: once a month.