The TA (Therapeutic Companion) serves as a health aid where he/she is able to interpret assignments, write reports about his/her activity and resolve daily problems that could arise during the exercise of his/her function. Especially designed to assist with the elderly.

Aimed at:
Training people who wish to assist families in the therapeutic area with the goal to encourage the patient to continue with the treatment, especially when there are psychological problems that hinder the advancement of the therapy. The professional will be able to help overcome those emotional barriers.

Some topics to be learnt are:

1. History of therapeutic companionship, interdisciplinary approach.
2. Medical, psychiatric and psychological criteria used throughout history.
3. Confluence between psychology and psychiatry for the insertion of the TA.
4. Specific function of the TA.
5. The TA’s role.
6. Psychopharmacology.
7. Psychopathology.
8. Types of violence the elderly could suffer.
9. Etc.


Duration: 7 months.
Frequency: once a month.


In Argentina:

a) Mujeresxlanacion civil association, Legal Registration Number 41924.
b) Argentinian Psycho-Social Centre Legal Registration Number 1772728, Ministerial
Resolution: 01198/06 Belonging to the CIOBA Resolution Number 1204, Government of Buenos Aires.
c) Institutional Strengthening Department Number 98352427/10.
d) Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of the Nation.
e) belonging to the National Training Department of the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation, Resolution Number 2832/10,
f) Belonging to the National Centre of Community Organisation, of the National Council of Social Policies. Resolution: 16457 of the Presidency of the Nation.

International Accreditation:

a) Apostille of The Hague.