Master in Social Psychology

Course Outline:

This program has been designed from a humanistic perspective and it aims at the development of social, community, academic skills for the social research and intervention, contributing with a solid formation in Social Psychology.

It is centered in the study of human behaviour; as well as group behaviours in social and community environments; also in the analysis and intervention directed to help solving social problems such as addictions, prejudices, reduction of social inequality, sexism and to better the quality of life of people.

Objectives of the Program:

  • To promote the application of the knowledge of Social Psychology in the social and community workfield.
  • To provide the professional with the tools and investigative methodology to design, formulate, coordinate, implement and supervise psycho-social studies.
  • To promote the welfare and quality of life from a conscious and responsible social intervention.  .
  • To form capable professionals to analyse and understand the dynamics of the social collective dimension.
  • To form able professionals to carry out research and intervention in highly complex situations.
  • To develop social and communication skills of the professionals.
  • To form professionals who are able to analyse current problems in the different stages of human development:  childhood, youth and adulthood.
  • To contribute tools to the professional to intervene in situations of vulnerability.

Aimed at:

Professional coaches, psycho-social operators, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, teachers, lawyers, public and social workers.


  • Online.
  • Duration: 20 months.
  • Personalised tutorship.
  • Materials Included.

International Accreditations:

  • Apostille of The Hague.
  • European Notariat.
  • AEAPro – Euro-American Association of Professional of Social & Human Sciences.

Degree: Master in Social Psychology.

Registered Certificate: EU 00612.03.2012