“Dear 1st year student, having done the last class of the 2 year course on Saturday has been so surreal. For me it has been a journey of self discovery, growth and empowerment. I am not the same person as when I started.”

Joy Minnies

“Dear 1st year student, I just want to encourage you never to give up I was always encouraged by my fellow team members to do my best and today I’m stronger than yesterday if I look back my 1st year I did not no what to expect but with god everything is just a word of encouragement Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts becomes your words, Your words becomes your behaviour Your behaviour becomes your habits Your habits becomes your values Your values becomes your Destiny god bless.”

Donovan Fritz

“This course is about more than just gaining mere knowledge it is about gaining insight and perspective. I believe that God has used this course as a mirror in and through which I have come to know and understand myself at a much deeper level. At the end of this course I have a greater understanding of the complex nature of humans at all levels of society, and thus my capacity for empathy for all people have been significantly enlarged.”

Jenny Claasen

“Dearest students of 2021. May you equally experience a great deal of healing and learning through these classes. May there be a ripple effect of changing lives throughout the time of learning. Being an agent of change is the best give we can give to our communities and humanity in general.”

Sylvia Present

“Dear 1st year students…. Welcome to a journey of discovering yourself in way you never imagined. Become an agent of change within yourself and those around you will experience it…. through the knowledge that you’ll gain. Believe in yourself… Because we already do…”

Uthmaan Barnes

“Dear 1st Year students. This is an incredibly good course. I have learnt so much not only about myself but how I can make a difference in others lives. Our society needs people who have this knowledge to be better people. Enjoy this journey ahead as it’s going to change your life. All the best.”

Tanya Europa

“Dear future Social and Community Consultant, They say…. Wonder is the first sign of wisdom…so when you first wondered about taking up this course, the decision to take it, was wise. Also with wisdom comes power…with this you will be empowered to become an agent of change. Change within yourself and others. No better lecturers than Poala and Madeline, who has made this course so easy to comprehend and created a small little family within the CLASSROOM. Trust and believe. Goodluck, enjoy and don’t give up.”

Fadwah Mia

“Dear First year students. First of all congratulations on making this life changing choice to become a agent of change. Now the first few months is always the most exciting ones, then comes the real work and it might feel like you want to give up, especially with your everyday life challenges, but remember that you CAN overcome all obstacles and challenges, you will find yourself in a place where you feel like giving up, but giving up is not an option because you are not a quitter but a winner, you have a long way to go which will go by very fast believe me, so embrace each moment, enjoy each session and live to be the change. And remember that the world needs you. #YouAreAagentOfChange”

Sharon Kaarsten

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