Water Provision  Project

The WPP has been formulated as a response to the dire circumstances of The City of Cape Town’s current drought. With a lack of effective responses from government, the cities lower classes, within rural and informal settlements have been most affected by the crisis.

The first phase of the WPP involves the installation of Borehole Pumps at key locations within poverty stricken communities within the city in order to ease and assist with the challenges  the water crisis adds additional strain to.

First key locations where the water crisis has hit worst will be identified, as these areas will be where the first installations will take place.

The local community will be educated on the Installation process, familiarized with the equipment and educated on how to maintain the systems once installed. This is to create a sustainable chain of knowledge and respect for the project and its components.

Access to the tanks will have to regulated in order to prevent abuse, community leaders will be tasked with being knowledgeable and able to ration out the water amongst the community. Skillful Hands will provide assistance along the way of course.

Once the Borehole Installation phase is over the next step in the project will be to provide basic plumbing /hygiene necessities such  as toilets and sinks in the form of communal access facilities within the same areas.

Agriculture: Hanging Gardens

Our Agriculture project is the result of a formulated solution to assist informal communities in producing their own fresh produce as well as providing an excellent alternative to watering these crops within the context of Cape Towns current water crisis .

By capitalising on a method of crop farming that incorporates the recycling of water through a raised system that keeps the water in constant movement throughout the crops, which are planted on elevated platforms, which allows the farming of these crops anywhere there is a structure, regardless  of the soil content and quality of the surrounding land. Providing a sustainable and

affordable method of self sustenance.


The overall goal of this project is to create a sustainable method of farming that is both affordable and easy to adapt.

This is in an effort to provide informal communities in Cape Town with the ability to farm and produce their own crops without having to own large plots of land or be forced to allow their crops to dry out due to the water shortage.

The system once learned is able to be taught amongst peers in order to pass on the knowledge to future generations, able to be easily repaired and maintained once the knowledge is learned.