Skills For Life

Skills for Life, is a project of Skillful Hands with the objective to introduce a mental health programme directed at youth from Grade 1 throughout their schooling careers.

Based on the following Official Studies:

Mental Health Matters in Elementary School: First grade screenings predict fourth grade achievement test scores.

(2004 – European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.)

Mental Health Predicts Better Academic Outcomes: A Longitudinal Study of Elementary School Students in Chile.

(2004 – Springer Science & Business Media New York.)

Evidence of Effectiveness of a National based Mental Health programme in Chile.

(2015 – Journal of American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.)

These studies revealed that students, suffering from mental health issues ranging from the mild to the pathological conditions on average perform significantly worse than other students, not only this but as the conditions go untreated and persist, these students progressively not only perform worse, but lose the interest and motivation for learning required to excel.

This was drawn parallel to the evidence of how Chiles national based mental health programme provides significant improvements in both student performance but the consistency of such performance . That programme is in fact the programme you are reading about now Skills for Life (SFL)

Skills for Life is a programme created in Chile, has been implemented by the Government on a national level and has already proven to have nationwide  success  achieving its goals in  over the 15 years it has been in operation.

A large and growing body of research from the USA, UK, EU and the rest of the world have shown has demonstrated a significant relationship between mental health and academic performance in children and academics.  The results have shown that  children who experience mental health problems are more likely to have unfavourable educational outcomes, poor grades, delays in reading, grade repetition and school drop-out ideation.

Skillful Hands aim to introduce this programme into schools, on a smaller scale, up scaling as the program proves itself more and more effective.  We hope to reach students from a younger age providing them with the support , knowledge and treatment they need as early as possible in order to reduce any chances of mental health affecting their learning, their ability to do so effectively, and a value for education as a whole.