Anti-Human Trafficking

We provide practical help for the community in general, the victims and their families in the following ways:

  • We do practical workshops to inform about Human Trafficking and its different Modus Operandi, who could be a target, etc.
  • In cases of abduction, we connect with South African NPOs to help distributing the alert of the missing child/person; as well as, with International Organisations, involved in this area, in other Countries like Argentina, England, Spain and America.
  • We provide Psychological Intervention through our trained Social and Community Operators of Social Psychology, specializing in trauma, not only for the victim but, when possible, also for the family of the victim.  “The person who left is not the person that came back”.   This takes place once the persons are located in safe houses, and the organisations who helped the victims re-insert in society approach us to help.