And… with tears in her eyes, she looked at herself in the mirror and said: I know you are tired, I know it’s not easy; but I need you strong and a warrior, because fragile I cannot use you

Paola (Saez) Theunissen

Paola  (Saez) Theunissen

(MA Social Psychology)


“Skillful Hands Organisation bears in mind the reality that a society is able to improve when the people who conforms it utilize their own skills to bring change no matter where they find themselves.  Yet, some of these skills get hidden when hurt and life disappointments overwhelm the potential a person has.  To recover the dignity every person deserves is of utmost necessity to unlock the potential a person carries within, as an invisible treasure that needs to be brought out”.

2 years ago, Skillful Hands –as its name says- put its hands to work to ensure that people’s lives are empowered, healed, and trained to put back into Society, and their closest community, what they have learned.  Every person who has passed through the path of Skillful Hands has been encouraged to make the necessary changes in order to better their lifestyle which in return they share with others to help them embrace their own personal inner treasure.

Paola (Saez) Theunissen, is a Chilean citizen by birth and has over 28 years of experience in helping people embrace their God-given potential throughout 22+ countries, together with her 3 children.  She holds a Masters Degree in Social Psychology and is affiliated to the Euro-American Association of Professionals of Social & Human Sciences.

Our slogan is: “Nurturing the nation back to its dignity”.

Prisons Cover Front
Name of the book:  Prisons
by Graciela Gimenez
About the book:  This book will help you understand what the spiritual, emotional and physical prisons are which limit one and make many people regress.  A “must have” material for all those who seek healing, for leaders and pastors and whoever desires to help others.
Editorial:  Aljaba Producciones
ISBN 978-987-26297-4-8 – 160 pp.
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